ManyaEPO (Education Process Outsourcing) is a part of Manya Education Pvt. Ltd.

Manya’s EPO division offers the following services

Online tutoring support
Item creation, development and standards alignment
Test scoring and grading services
Curriculum design
Art Work

Online Tutoring Support

Synchronous and Asynchronous online tutoring support for Math, Science, Social Science and ELA is provided to a host of US clients across the following sub-verticals:

- One-to-One Tutoring from K through 12
- Voice Tutoring
- Live Homework Help
- Asynchronous support on academic assignments

Item creation, development and Standards alignment

ManyaEPO has created over 24,000 items across 10 states for all grade levels across Science, Math and ELA for almost all leading assessment and publishing companies in the US. Bloom’s Taxonomy is closely followed to create well-explained items with graphical stimuli to make them process-based. The sub-verticals across which we have substantial experience are:

- Formulation of multiple-choice and constructed response items
- Alignment of test items to state standards
- Review and tagging of items
- Design and development of interactive tests and assessments and holistic scoring rubrics
- Homework Help by providing step by step solutions

Test Scoring and Grading Services

ManyaEPO is an experienced service provider across various sub-verticals for test scoring and grading services, which are:

- Review of elementary and high school essays, creative writing submissions, first-
year composition course essays, doctoral thesis and business publications
- Grading essays for test preparation
- Hand-scoring of constructed response items across Math and Science
- Developing procedures for monitoring inter-rater reliability and scoring accuracy

Curriculum design

Manya EPO specializes in curriculum designing. It partners with the client organizations to help them impart cutting-edge technology-based knowledge through a successful business model.

Our tailor-made models facilitate delivery of quality education by helping the client organizations to choose from some of the most efficient and cost effective ways of knowledge delivery. Its content development expertise, post implementation activities, and on-going services help the client organizations gain maximum returns on investments. We aim at revolutionizing the teaching-learning process through its value-added services for effective learning and knowledge transfer.

Our unique learning solutions combine the rigors of instructional design methodology with the expertise of its well-experienced team to create attractive and persuasive course content.

Art Work

ManyaEPO has rich experience in creating innovative visuals that support the theme of learning programs. We have worked on more than 3000 simple, moderate, and complex 1-color and 3-5 color illustrative. The sub-verticals for Artwork are:

- Color Technical Art/Charts, graphs across simple, moderate and complex categories
- Color Illustrative (simple, moderate and complex)
- Revised Pick-Up art from an existing art file
- Digital Art Creation
- Raster graphics to Vector graphics conversion